Feb 22, 2019


Discover valuable resources and helpful links related to construction, design, and home improvement. Lecoq Construction & Design is your trusted partner for all your construction needs. Contact us today.

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Aug 2, 2018

Contact Us

Contact Lecoq Construction & Design for all your construction and design needs. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist you with your projects. Get in touch today.

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Jun 9, 2023

Welcome to Lecoq Construction & Design - Admin

Lecoq Construction & Design is a leading construction company with expertise in high-end residential and commercial projects. Our team of skilled professionals provides comprehensive services, including design, construction, and remodeling. Contact us today for all your construction needs.

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Apr 3, 2023

Discover the Snack Bar Experience at Lecoq Construction & Design

Welcome to the Snack Bar page of Lecoq Construction & Design. Find comprehensive information about our snack bar services, menu, location, and unique offerings. Enjoy a variety of delicious snacks in a cozy atmosphere.

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Oct 31, 2021

Contact Us - Lecoq Construction & Design

Contact Lecoq Construction & Design for all your construction and design needs. Get in touch with our team of experts today.

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May 12, 2023

Gutter Contractors in Macomb, MI

Looking for professional gutter contractors in Macomb, MI? Lecoq Construction & Design offers high-end gutter installation, repair, and maintenance services. Contact us for all your gutter needs!

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Aug 18, 2020

Liberty Trailers - Ludington

Discover the best Liberty Trailers in Ludington offered by Lecoq Construction & Design. Explore our wide range of trailers, from utility trailers to horse trailers, and find the perfect fit for your hauling needs. Browse our selection and contact us today!

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Jun 9, 2023

Trailer Sales - Lecoq Construction & Design

Looking for high-quality trailers for sale? Lecoq Construction & Design offers a wide selection of trailers suited for various needs. Browse our collection now.

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Apr 10, 2023

Aluma Trailers - Premium Selection for All Your Hauling Needs

Discover the premium selection of Aluma Trailers offered by Lecoq Construction & Design. Our high-end trailers are designed to meet your hauling needs with exceptional quality and durability. Browse our range of options, from utility to flatbed trailers, and find the perfect one for your hauling requirements.

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Sep 22, 2023

Welcome to Cottage Works Retail - Ludington

Discover the wide range of retail offerings at Cottage Works in Ludington. From home decor to furniture, our store has everything you need to create a stylish and cozy space. Visit us today!

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Nov 17, 2020

Other Services in Michigan | Full-Service Contractor - Lecoq Construction & Design

Lecoq Construction & Design is a full-service contractor in Michigan. We offer a wide range of construction and design services. Call us at 734-794-4965 to discuss your project.

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Jan 20, 2023

Red Arrow Resources - Your Source for High-Quality Construction Materials

Welcome to Red Arrow Resources, a division of Lecoq Construction & Design. Our top-notch team delivers high-quality construction materials, providing exceptional services and products. Explore our range of materials and discover why we are the industry leader.

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Oct 22, 2023

Renew Service - Restore A Deck LLC

renew service - Restore A Deck LLC

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Aug 6, 2022

Contact Us for Free Estimate for Deck Services

Contact Lecoq Construction & Design for a free estimate on deck services. Our team of experts will provide you with high-quality construction and design solutions for your outdoor space.

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Aug 23, 2021

Our Services - Lecoq Construction & Design

Discover the high-end construction and design services offered by Lecoq Construction & Design. We specialize in delivering top-notch solutions for residential and commercial projects. Contact us today!

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Feb 5, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Restore A Deck LLC

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of Restore A Deck LLC, brought to you by Lecoq Construction & Design. Get helpful answers to common questions about deck restoration, maintenance, and design.

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