Pascal Lecoq, Artisan

Pascal is the sole proprietor, creative designer, and tenacious muscle behind every project you see here. After completing his studies in computer electronics in France, he came to the United States to study English. Just as his student visa was due to expire he won the lottery, specifically the US Green Card lottery. Equipped with nothing more than legal status, artistic passion, and boundless energy – Lecoq Construction & Design was born.

Working as a painter and general handyman, Pascal refined his craft. New construction, repair and restoration, remodeling – he eagerly accepted any challenge presented by a client. He soon built a reputation for excellent execution and painstaking attention to detail. Pascal takes a lot of pride in restoring and improving existing homes. His talents are best showcased when thoroughly modernizing kitchens and bathrooms while maintaining the original integrity of the home.

Pascal’s esthetic is a unique interpretation of classic materials. In his sensible French way he values high quality materials, durable construction techniques, and energy efficiency. He puts beauty and functionality into every project. He thinks about all the details of living in and enjoying your home – space-saving room layouts, ingenious showers that keep water where it should be and minimize mold or water damage, built-in storage, abundant outlets, and flexible lighting installations to set the right mood for your room in any situation.

His designs feature a lot of natural stone and hardwoods. He understands how to properly install and finish these materials to showcase their natural beauty and ensure lasting durability. Pascal is a gifted tile installer. Glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles – back splashes, counter-tops, floors and showers – tile is one of his best mediums.

Pascal is a dreamer and a tinkerer. Automotive repair, electronics, photography, sailing, baking, he is keen to learn a new skill or embark on an adventure. He spends a lot of time researching and experimenting with new construction materials and practicing new techniques as he improves his own home. He lives for remodeling “nightmares” and new opportunities to unleash his creativity on a problem.

Lecoq Construction & Design – we want a challenge!