What is Van Outfitter?

Van Outfitter is the product of a contractor with a dream. A meticulous, fastidious contractor who operates under strict adherence to the philosophy that a clean job site is a productive job site and an organized truck is a reflection of a craftsman’s integrity and attention to detail.

Pascal has over twenty years of experience transforming worn down and unattractive rooms and home exteriors into pleasing, functional works of art. Working in the French tradition of the artisan, Pascal views each project as a new opportunity to delight his customers and stretch and refine his skills.

Pascal’s pride in craftsmanship and limitless ingenuity has produced the Van Outfitter van organization systems. Pascal designed this unique system of durable, customized shelving for his 2006 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to address his need to keep a lot of tools and materials easily accessible to him on the job site. With his customized Van Outfitter system he is able to efficiently organize over 50 tool boxes inside his truck while keeping the center floor-space of the van open for loading and hauling materials. Van Outfitter storage units can transform a large utility van, box truck or enclosed trailer into an all-inclusive repair and remodeling workhorse.

The versatile aluminum van shelving units available from Van Outfitters are a result of Pascal’s experimentation and real-world abuse of the first van organization system he built in 2006 out of wood covered with carpet. After installing the Van Outfitter braces in your vehicle you can then customize the heights of the individual shelves to fit your exact tool storage needs. The durable Van Outfitter shelves can be removed and reconfigured endlessly to accommodate the demands of different projects or hobbies.

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