Finished oven taking shape. Once completed the oven was allowed to cure for four weeks while the rest of the restaurant renovation was underway.

Le Panyol Pro 120L Wood-Fired Oven

The manufacturers of the world’s most efficient, beautiful, wood-fired oven, Le Panyol, are featuring our oven on their website. We are so excited to see the photo of our Four à bois Le Panyol Pro 120L – like proud parents we have to share all of the love, labor, and engineering that went into the construction of our first wood-fired oven.

Phase I: Building the base

Before construction of the oven could begin the floor had to be reinforced. Pascal removed the existing wood floor from the restaurant and replaced it with a much stronger steel I-beam and metal joists covered with a thick layer of concrete. This provided the sturdy foundation necessary for the oven construction to begin.

Phase II: Assembling the oven
Phase III: Exterior completion & insulating the oven mass


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