Team Rooster

Crystal, Project Helper and Other Duties as Required

Although Crystal spent a lot of time watching This Old House as a child, which isn’t that unusual when there are only four channels available, she had never really considered the construction industry. Armed with a liberal arts degree in archaeology from The College of Wooster and a talent for seat-of-the-pants learning, Crystal is also the licensed Michigan Residential Builder of this operation.

As the demands of her job project managing information technology for a global corporation will allow, Crystal moonlights as Lecoq Construction #1 Project Helper and other duties as required girl – back office stuff, website updates, marketing, sounding board for design ideas and general project cheerleader – every day is a new adventure.

Crystal loves watching Pascal transform a crazy back of the napkin idea into the functional centerpiece of a room. She could probably do without having to periodically rescue her hair dryer and kitchen wares from being collateral damage in the creative process. Certainly every artist and their lover have some challenges, but in this partnership leaky faucets and clogged drains are not among them.

Ted, Apprentice

Ted has contributed to the success of several recent Lecoq Construction & Design projects. Self-described as “Pascal’s future brother-in-law”, he is a certified Harley Davidson mechanic and is an exceptionally talented welder. Ted has a diverse resume of experience including, but not limited to heavy machine operation, agricultural drainage installation, landscaping, turf maintenance, roofing, siding, exterior and interior painting, drywall, carpentry, metal fabrication, automotive maintenance and repair and environmental cleanup and resource reclamation.

He currently divides his time between construction projects in north central Ohio and joining us in Michigan on an as-needed basis. An active kayaker and Frisbee golfer, Ted is also our leading social media expert. Follow him on Twitter as he documents his work. He recently gained small-scale internet notoriety when his video review of the Milwaukee InkZall marker was re-tweeted by the manufacturer. (Yes, they are drawing on frozen meat. it was a really miserable winter in Michigan, ok?)

*Much to our amusement "Le Coq" means "The Rooster" in French, hence the moniker "Team Lecoq". Pascal begs to differ on the amount of amusement Ted and Crystal derive from this molecule of French language knowledge.