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Basement Bath

Square, angular chrome fixtures are used throughout the design

Marble Shower Pillar

Pictures do not really convey the sense of awe that the 9 foot tall, water-shooting shower pillar inspires. Having lived with the idea of the “giant shower pillar” from the initial sketches until the final installation of this 400+ pound monster, I continue to be amazed at the creative mind that dreamed up this concept and the very special clients that liked the idea enough and allowed our artists vision to be erected in their home.

The triangular pillar performs several functions in this design. The imposing wide, dark polished base of the triangle anchors the perimeter of this spacious shower. And, in a feat of remarkable plumbing and electrical engineering, this smooth, sleek beast of an obelisk also houses all of the pipes to feed four water valves and the bulk of the wiring to control the lighting throughout the bathroom.

Behold the design and execution miracle that is the shower pillar.

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